Everyone is busy and a customised and personalised service is what everyone wants; that we understand. So instead of having to hunt around for a provider, we have already done it all for you.

For nearly a decade, we have been empowering all of our customers to save on utility expenses by bringing them into the innovative and convenient world of embedded networks.

Our personalised, connected and knowledgeable Australian customer service team has saved many singles, couples and families time, money and headaches!

With OC Energy, what you see is what you get, and to us, you are not just a number, but rather an individual whose circumstances differ significantly from the customer before.


Our Story

Innovation, integrity and energy were the values that laid the foundations of OC Energy.

The three founding partners were in the early stages of their partnership when they acknowledged the benefits of embedded networks in residential buildings. However, it was evident that the market offered few embedded network solutions that could provide the levels of quality and customer satisfaction they themselves expected. They all agreed that there must be a better way.

This was how OC Energy was born.

Despite significant exponential growth since our inception in 2009, our core goal of providing quality service to our tenants remains. This is driven by building better relationships, connectivity, innovation and convenience directly to our customers.

We understand that transparent communication is imperative to building better relationships, and that is why our Australian customer service team are the heart and soul of our business.

A brilliant product offering needs an empathetic and experienced customer service; so that is why we have invested so much into our Australian help gurus; no lag, no scripts, just OC Energy people wanting to help others.


Why OC Energy

It’s simple, we care.

We offer packaged services that not only make it easier for you but will save you both time and money.


OC Energy’s Embedded Network

OC Energy is one of Australia’s leading embedded network providers. To find out what an embedded network is, and what are the benefits click here >


*Cost savings are upfront compared to standing charges of major retailers