OC Energy is one of Australia’s leading embedded network providers. But what is an embedded network, and what are the benefits?

Before your apartment was ‘built’, it was established that we would provide all the energy for your entire building.What this essentially means is that instead of negotiating an energy rate for your apartment alone, OC Energy can bulk-buy energy using the total collective usage of your building, relaying an array of upfront cost savings to residents.

Don’t worry; this isn’t like splitting a bill at a restaurant; we install sub-meters that record your actual usage, meaning you’re not paying any more than what you actually use.

So what are the other benefits?

For more information on embedded networks and what it means for customers click here.

*Cost saving are upfront compared to standing charges of major retailers. **Lights are on for up to a month from the first settlement date. Charges will begin as soon as you start using your utilities ***Unforeseen events may prevent us from performing actual reads.