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Five Ways Developers Can Save With Embedded Networks

As a developer, a builder or an architect, you understand the complexity of property development in Australia. Melbourne’s population is due to grow to 8 million by 2050 (Australia’s total population in 1950). The demand for housing is sure to grow at an equal rate. An OC Energy Embedded Electrical Network (EEN) is the infrastructure that allows electricity to be bought in bulk and on-sold to tenants in your development. Individualised smart-meters then read the usage and payment is made per apartment. So how can developers save with OC Energy?

1. There’s no financial risk

OC Energy supply and install the Electrical Embedded Network at no cost to the development. This also means that OC Energy is solely responsible for the infrastructure and wholesales of electricity provided to a site.

2. Meter fee savings

Each apartment is connected to an individual smart meter supplied by OC Energy; this allows for developments to save on cost as well as provide accurate readings through an AMI system.

3. Green solutions

OC Energy cares about providing a greener future, and we are determined to help developments meet ESD requirements. We can provide Electrical Vehicle charging stations, solar and on site solutions and provide Green Power should it be required. Green Power is a great renewable initiative, and on request, we can supply green power from renewable sources to your building. Find out more about our green solutions here.

4. Seamless handover from Builder

Each development is different; be it 20 apartments in Hampton, or 1,105 apartments in Australia 108, we understand that each project has a variety of challenges and intricacies. We’ll work with your builder partner to ensure a seamless handover, ensuring that we deliver the expected quality service on time and all according to plan.

5. Infrastructure contribution

Not only do we live and breathe apartment developments in Melbourne, but we also truly value our partnerships. We offer a variety of infrastructure contributions for all those that collaborate with OC Energy to help improve their projects how they see fit.

Partnering with OC Energy can be the right solution your development is looking for. To find out more about our our offers check out our solutions page or send and enquiry here.

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