Green Options

Green Options to Future-proof Your Development

OC Energy is always looking towards a sustainable future. Through our green initiatives, we help developments become more environmentally friendly and meet Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) requirements. OC Energy have a myriad of green solutions that can be tailored to suit your development’s needs. Whether you are in an existing or new development we can help you future-proof your building for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Environmentally Friendly Transportation Options:

In modern developments, vehicle space comes at a premium. This is why we are working with developers to come up with smart and tailored solutions to meet long term transportation needs.

Shared Vehicles

Vehicle ownership is a major expense for Australian homeowners and renters especially when you take into account cost of purchase, registration, running, upkeep, parking and insurance. Transport costs often soak up 14.5% of the average household budget1.

Many apartment dwellers are relying on their car less due to close proximity to the city and public transport. The average Australian car sits idle for 23 hours a day which can make car ownership seem more of a waste of money than a means of freedom2.

It is because of these reasons that more than 200,000 Australians are already using car-sharing services3.

There are many great benefits to utilising car sharing services such as reducing congestion, road and parking facility costs, accidents, pollution, resource consumption and much more. The environmental benefits are amplified when the vehicle is electric or a hybrid.

OC Energy can help facilitate eco-friendly car share solutions in your development. We have done this with both Electric Vehicle (EV) and petrol vehicles as part of our building green initiatives.

E.V Charging

Following the lead in Europe, Asia and North Americas, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent on Australian roads4. It is expected that by 2035, electric vehicles will range between 15-45% of the entire light vehicle fleet in Australia5. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for developers to consider and take into consideration the future needs of their residents by providing them with E.V charging infrastructure.

OC Energy are working with developers to provide a range of different charging stations and EV solutions for both individual and shared area charging. Currently we can provide in-bay and shared charging stations that are both efficient and user friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Power Options:

Green Power

More and more homeowners are becoming conscious of their electricity use. As electricity prices fluctuate and non-renewable power sources deplete, Australians are looking for environmentally friendly power options that can reduce their energy bill and biological footprint.

Solar Power:

One of our best options for renewable energy is solar panels. For residents, this option can reduce your energy bill meaning you save money while contributing to a greener future. Nearly 15% of Australian households have already installed solar panels6. Just because you’re in a multi-unit development doesn’t mean you can’t have access as well.

OC Energy can supply install and maintain solar panels for your development. This also facilitates Green Star ratings and renewable energy incentives for developments.

Green Power:

Another great renewable energy initiative that we provide is green power. In some circumstances where developments allow, we can supply green power from renewable sources to your building or for individual residents who request this service. This also aids ESD requirements and can be tailored to individual resident’s needs.

Individually, residents can also directly source green power to offset some or all of their electricity consumption. OC Energy can facilitate this arrangement. If you’re a resident and are interested in accessing green power feel free to contact us at

If you’re a building manager or developer and wish to make your development more sustainable, we will work with you to identify and tailor green solutions that will help you future-proof your development. To get into contact with our solutions team email us at

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