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Queensland Electricity Asset Ownership Dividend

Queensland households will receive a $50 dollar credit per year, over the next two years, on their bill as per the Electricity Assets Ownership Dividend.

What is the Electricity Asset Ownership Dividend?

The Electricity Asset Ownership Dividend is a Queensland Government initiative that was implemented to provide electricity bill relief for Queensland Homeowners. The $200 million dividend that will be distributed to those eligible is funded by Queensland Government-owned energy companies.

Who is eligible to receive it?

The rebate is provided to all residential customers in Queensland who are separately charge for their bills. This includes households who pay their landlord, body corporate or are within an embedded network.

All OC Energy customers in Queensland ONLY are eligible to receive the dividend.

What do I need to do?


No application is required. If you meet eligibility criteria the rebate will be automatically applied to your electricity bill.

When will I receive it?

This depends entirely on your electricity retailer.

For OC Energy customers, you can expect the first installation of the dividend before the end of July 2018. You will be notified via email before 2019’s dividend is applied.

How can I tell if I received the dividend?

For OC Energy customers, the credit will appear on your bill as a credit line item.

What do I do if I haven’t received the dividend?

OC Energy customers should receive your dividend by the end of July 2018. If you don’t receive the dividend by this date please get into contact with us by calling our Aussie team on 1300 49 40 80

Will it affect my other rebates/concessions?

No. The dividend is in addition to any other energy rebate or concession you might be eligible for.

For more information on concessions please email us at

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