Builders Power

Through our relationship with suppliers, we can facilitate builder’s electricity supply to service on-site construction needs.

  • One point of contact
  • Billed monthly


High Voltage

OC Energy can manage the supply, installation and maintenance of high voltage substation systems for embedded networks. A substation system converts high voltage power from the mains to low voltage power for general consumption.

  • Potential cost benefits
  • Own and operate H.V. infrastructure where viable


Power Factor Correction Units

An important consideration is the electrical characteristic of motors and other equipment in buildings that can have an effect on a buildings power factor e.g. lights, fans and HVAC. To ensure power factor is optimised and associated kVA demand charges are minimised, we can supply power factor correction units to monitor this and adjust the power supply accordingly.

  • Reduces kVA Demand and charges (where kVA network charges are applied by the local Distributor)
  • Longer asset durability
  • Conforming to distributor codes


Embedded Networks




Hot Water

Hot Water

other solutions

Other Solutions




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