Fibre to the premises

Fibre solutions generally just consist of fibre networks that will only allow for broadband services (meaning all other internet cabling has to be run separately). OC Energy are able to organise a Fibre to the premises cable structure that allows most if not all internet based cabling through one fibre cable. This significantly saves space, time and cabling costs.

Integrated cable structure can accommodate:

  • Broadband internet
  • Free-to-Air TV and Pay TV
  • CCTV, Security and intercom access
  • As well as any other internet based systems

Through OC UltraNet we are able to provide both a Dedicated Building Wi-Fi service as well as a Fixed-line Broadband ISP service over fibre.

Dedicated Building Wi-Fi

Getting connected to a high quality internet service fast when moving into a new home is essential; that is why OCE can provide Wi-Fi broadband service. With this Wi-Fi solution residents can connect to the internet as soon as they walk into the building. It is fast and easy to connect, providing residents with a service that meets your average online needs.

  • Fully Funded and supplied
  • Get connected in seconds
  • No lock in contracts or connection fees
  • Wi-Fi in common areas


Fixed-line Broadband

If residents need a faster service due to a high user rate needs we can also provide a fixed line fibre service. This service can be customised for your multi-unit development and offer speeds that aren’t usually available to individual households.

  • Super-fast broadband
  • Unlimited data plans
  • Flexible contracts

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