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One Thing Everyone in the Development Industry Can Agree On

Everyone  is catching onto the idea that OC Energy had almost 10 years ago – How can we make things simpler and easier for Australian developments? There are many competing companies to choose from to service your development. The question on many developers’, builders’, architects’ and project managers’ lips is ‘Why should we pick OC Energy?’

The answer is simple… we go above and beyond.


Our expertise has developed over years of experience within our specialist team made up of professionals with extensive industry, technical and engineering knowledge. Despite significant exponential growth since our inception in 2009, our core goal of providing quality service while still being able to adapt our solutions and services according to the needs of each individual partner and project has remained the same.

Comprehensive Solutions

OC Energy provides expertise in a holistic approach to in-building solutions, meaning more cost efficiencies. By partnering with OC Energy we not only cover the implementation of an embedded network but also a wide range in-building solutions from hot-water to solar depending on your individual needs.


Our in-house implementation team directly works and communicates with your Builder, Service Consultants and other relevant stakeholders throughout the whole process. By cutting out multiple middlemen the process is not only simplified but could also reduce costs and other inefficiencies which may delay the completion of your development. When it comes to dealing with the authorities, we go the extra mile to make sure paper work is approved as quickly as possible on behalf of the development.


With our passion for innovation, our goal is to place OC Energy at the forefront of service provision in modern urban life. We always strive to be ahead of the development technology curve bringing you innovative services that future proof your developments.


Our strong reputation within the industry as a reliable partner is shown by our long lasting relationships with multiple leading developers. It’s not only our clients that benefit but customers too. Future residents of your development will be provided with one of the highest rated services in Australia.*

To find out more about our solutions or to speak to one of our solution experts email us at: solutions@ocenergy.com.au

*According to Google star rating

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